Cashable Bonus Offer: A Quality of a Perfect Online Casino

Cashable Bonus Offer: A Quality of a Perfect Online Casino

Does a perfect online casino exist? Regardless, whether it exists or not, every players and bettor has their vision and qualities of an ideal online casino. Most of the players are satisfied with using one casino site or online betting sites such as 138bet or another; however, some things could make any casino to be better among the rest; or one more feature that could make them as the cream of the crop.


As for someone who’s actively playing in different online casinos, most of them already have an idea of what makes a better online casino or betting site. These pro players also know what could make them bad and unworthy. Having the chance to see the inside of many online casinos on the internet, exploring all the choices and features they offer, most of them have clear ideas what makes a firm the best and what could make them the worst.

Generally speaking, there are lots of good qualities to consider for the casino to be labeled as perfect. Nonetheless, below is one of the must-have features that an excellent online casino should have:

Cashable Bonus Offers

Almost all players don’t realize that there are two types of bonuses. One is called sticky, and the other one is called cashable. Most of the time, it’s hard to the difference and which bonus an online casino is offering.

To give you a detailed explanation, the difference between sticky and cashable has a connection with what you collect and cash out once you’ve met all the requirements for the bonus. For you to understand it better, this article will give you an easy illustration to differentiate the two.

For example, you have two online casino sites both are offering the same welcome bonus, but one of them is sticky, and the other one is cashable. Both sides are offering a 100% bonus is you deposit at least 100 baht. So if you deposit 100 baht, they’ll both give you 100 baht for the deposit bonus, making a total of 200 baht for your bankroll. After meeting the requirements to clear your bonus, you’ll end up having an additional 100 baht. Meaning, you have 100 baht for the deposit, an additional 100 baht for the bonus, and extra 100 baht for winnings, this gives you a total of 300 baht.

Sticky Bonus

You’re allowed to withdraw your original deposit and your winnings. The bonus they give you is only for playing. Unfortunately, you can’t withdraw the bonus, only winnings if you earned it while playing.

So, you can withdraw a total of 200 baht. And once the bonus promotion expired or complete, the bonus amount will automatically remove from your bankroll.

Cashable Bonus

In this type of bonus offer, the 100 baht that the online casino gave you to match the 100% deposit is equivalent to actual cash. So when you make a withdrawal, you can withdraw both your deposit, bonus, and winnings. The total amount you can withdraw is 300 baht.

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